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About INSP Group

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About INSP Group

At INSP Group we are inspiring technologies and innovation to create solutions that protect people and the environment from dangerous chemicals.

Our Mission is to:

    • Prevent PFAS and other fluorinated hydrocarbon compounds from spreading and causing further contamination
    • Destroy per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances – PFAS and fluorinated hydrocarbon compounds
    • Use responsible solutions and replacement technologies that avoid creating harmful byproducts

PHASE 1 – Destruction & Disposal Technology

PFAS and Forever Chemicals are dangerous. Many organizations around the globe have banned them or are in the process of banning them, including the EPA and the FDA. Where these chemicals exist they still pose a real danger to everyone and need to be eliminated completely.

SCWO Technology (supercritical water oxidation) is safe and effective PFAS destruction process for an on-site destruction.

PFAS Destruction About INSP Group


    • Complete destruction of PFAS
    • Effective on short- and long-chain PFCAs and PFSAs
    • No transfer from one media to another
    • Not inhibited by organic co-contaminants
    • Treats diluted and highly-concentrated PFAS-impacted media
    • Any waste by-products are completely recyclable

PHASE 2 – Non-Toxic Replacement Technology

INSP Group is an official distributor for the complete GreenFire®Silver Rhino™ range of products. Their products are non-toxic, non-carcinogenic and do not harm people or the environment.  They get the job done while not using harmful and dangerous contaminants.

GreenFire® and Silver Rhino™ are solutions that serve a variety of industries:

    • Firefighting
    • Aviation & Airlines
    • Electric Vehicles & Lithium Batteries
    • Industrial Food Production
    • Restaurant & Food Services/Food Production
    • Industrial & Heavy Equipment
    • Sprinkler Systems – Residential and Commercial
    • Marine Systems
    • Shipping & Storage
    • Construction
    • Homeowners
    • Utility Companies
    • and more
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Connect with an expert to understand more about INSP Group technologies and create a strategic plan that attacks and solves your specific problem. We will put together an effective custom strategy combining the right products to meet your needs. PFAS Destruction – GreenFire® – Silver Rhino™

About INSP Group Strategic Partnerships

Fire Delivery and Monitoring Systems

Silver Rhino™

Ben Allen owns and founded Silver Rhino™.  He developed the Silver Rhino™ Fire Watch and Delivery Systems to be able to handle a wide variety of commercial, industrial and residential applications.

Silver Rhino™ produces a number of Dedicated and Mobile Fire Suppression systems designed to fit your need.

The Fire Watch System allows businesses to monitor and control any situation remotely and automatically or manually trigger responses to fire risk in order to mitigate damage and danger to people, property and business.

All the Silver Rhino™ Systems and products use GreenFire® Non Toxic Firefighting Foams and Wetting Agents making it safe for people, property and the environment.

Connect with an expert to learn more about INSP Group.

Non-Toxic Firefighting Solutions


For decades the firefighting industry have used products that are laden with highly toxic PFAS and forever chemicals.  Toxic firefighting foams, especially those that contain PFAS, are dangerous to firefighting professionals, the general public, property, waterways and the environment.

Sadly, cancer is now the leading cause of death among firefighters.

GreenFire® created something never before seen in fire protection: a highly effective wetting agent made from environmentally friendly materials that was not only non-corrosive, but also PFAS-free and non-carcinogenic.  A completely non-toxic fire suppression solution.

GreenFire® is the first and only fire suppressant to be NSF White Book listed, making it safe to use on and around food processing equipment. Their Wetting agents and Firefighting Foams are used by professionals in various types of firefighting.  In addition they have products designed for homeowners and personal protection.

INSP Group is an official distributor for the complete GreenFire® range of products.

Connect with an expert to learn more about INSP Group and GreenFire® or visit their official website.

Silver Rhino™ uses GreenFire® in all their systems and extinguishers.

PFAS Destruction and Disposal

SCWO Technology

SCWO Technology breaks down the unbreakable and gives your environment a fresh start.

Our solutions are engineered to provide remediation of persistent contaminants such as PFAS, hydrocarbons, and other fluorinated compounds. Our products can be used in multiple industries and environments that require restoration of both liquid and solid contamination.

With our innovative solutions, communities no longer have to worry about the long-term effects caused by these ever-present contaminants. Not only will these techniques effectively remove them, but they will help protect your land for years to come.

You can trust us to develop sensible strategies that quickly restore the condition of your environment while providing an excellent cost-benefit ratio throughout the entire process.

SCWO technology stands for supercritical water oxidation. This process effectively destroys PFAS laden liquids and solids, and concentrates such as Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF), to non-detectable levels ready for safe disposal.

Unique Benefits

  • Proven complete destruction of PFAS, regardless of carbon chain length or structure
  • Versatile SCWO technology can treat any PFAS concentration or matrices
  • No unwanted or harmful byproducts
  • Equally effective on common organic co-contaminants (petroleum, hydrocarbons, chlorinated solvents)

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Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a partner or offering any of these products and services in your country. PFAS Destruction & SCWO Technology – GreenFire® – Silver Rhino™

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About INSP Group

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