SCWO Technology

PFAS Destruction and Disposal Process.

Removing Dangerous Forever Chemicals Safely

PFAS Destruction & Disposal

SCWO Technology

INSP Group uses SCWO technology for destruction and disposal of dangerous PFAS and forever chemicals.  Although many fire departments now use GreenFire Non-Toxic Firefighting Foams, existing AFFF stockpiles need to be removed and destroyed safely.

Also before using Silver Rhino™, more often than not, dangerous PFAS residues need to be cleaned out of existing systems.

How the  SCWO Technology Process Works

A supercritical fluid is a substance held at a temperature and pressure above its critical point. In this state, the fluid is neither a liquid nor a gas and has properties of both. Substances begin to act differently above the critical point. Supercritical water is highly expandable and compressible.

Without distinct liquid and gas phases, mass transfer is unrestricted, facilitating chemical reactions. Supercritical oxidation processes can rapidly break down compounds, such as PFAS, that do not oxidize readily at standard temperatures and pressures, destroying chemicals that would otherwise persist for decades or centuries in the environment.

Applications and Industries

AFFF Destruction and Disposal

Safely and completely get rid of Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF). SCWO Technology completely destroys PFAS in firefighting foam without creating harmful by-products associated with other treatment methods.

Soil Remediation

Safely remove dangerous chemicals from contaminated soils.  SCWO Technology can be used in various industrial , commercial or residential applications.


Destroy PFAS to non-detectable levels in contaminated wastewater.

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