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Silver Rhino manufactures and distributes mobile and dedicated Fire Suppression Systems that also uses proprietary FireWatch™ software to monitor and control fire hazards. These can be used in a wide variety of commercial, industrial and residential applications.

The FireWatch™ System allows businesses to monitor and control any situation remotely and automatically or manually trigger responses to fire risk in order to mitigate damage and danger to people, property and business.

Silver Rhino has dedicated systems which are designed and installed to fit the specific needs of your business or industry and provide adequate fire protection.  We also manufacture CAFS mobile systems that can be used in situations that are temporary.

All Silver Rhino systems and products use GreenFire® Non Toxic Firefighting Foams and Wetting Agents that are safe for people, property and the environment.

Silver Rhino™ FireWatch Software

The Silver Rhino FireWatch™ software is designed so that you can monitor remotely dangerous situations that could come up at your home, your business, or your property. It can be set to deploy automatically or manually, mitigating the risk of catastrophic danger and loss.

Silver Rhino™ Dedicated Fire System

Silver Rhino designs, manufactures, and distributes Dedicated Fire Suppression Systems to protect your commercial, industrial, or residential assets. Avoid dangerous situations and save lives and loss by installing a Silver Rhino System.

Silver Rhino™ CAFS Mobile Fire System

Some situations need a mobile application that can be setup quickly and be adaptable to changing circumstances. The Silver Rhino CAFS Mobile Fire Suppression System is ideal for these types of applications.

Silver Rhino™ Fire Extinguishers

Silver Rhino Fire Extinguishers are safe, effective and easy to use.  They are filled with GreenFire® Non-Toxic Firefighting Foam that suppresses and smothers flames quickly, reducing the temperature at the point of contact, below the flash point.

Silver Rhino™ Recharge Units

Once you have your Dedicated Fire Suppression System installed and working we have recharge units available to keep your system ready at any given moment.  These recharge units are safe to handle and allow for simple recharging of your system.

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